Dear Xilinx

Dear Xilinx,

I updated my WebPack Saturday night. Thank you for making these available. I have been unable to get my Spartan 3E Starter Board to work with the DDR SDRAM since I got it four months ago. Full of optimism, I started the new MIG, clicked the "Generate-3E Starter Kit" button, and then downloaded the .bit file to my board. And once again, it didn't do anything.

As I was going thru the Readme, I realized that maybe it isn't my fault or a problem with the board. The file specifies a MT46V32M16xx-5B DDR SDRAM. I don't know where you are getting your info from, but inspecting my Rev D board and its schematic reveal my SDRAM is an MT46V32M16TG-6T. I realize it's just a speed grade difference, but you know the old saying: "A nanosec here and a nanosec there and pretty soon you have real time." The Readme says "the design has been hardware verified for the following configuration" and goes on to list the SDRAM the board does not have. Would it be too much trouble for you to get a board with the configuration you are shipping and try this file on it? I might even loan (maybe even give) you my board, if it would lead to some resolution of this DDR issue.

Since I had the MIG open, I thought I would try modifying the parameters of one of the SDRAMs (since you don't have mine listed in the Components Window) and see if the "Generate " button would use it. It doesn't. However, I had the distinctly unpleasant experience of dealing with a user interface which doesn't allow you to save over an existing part. You have to make your change(s), save under a different name, click down through several levels to get to the old version of the part, delete it, click down through the same levels to get to the new version you saved under a temp name, save it under the original name, then click down through several levels again to get to the temp name and delete it. How about a popup that says "File exists. Do you want to overwrite it? Yes No"?



P.S.: Yes I tried to submit this SDRAM issue as a WebCase. However, I am waiting to "receive security clearance on our server". So I thought I'd vent gently here while waiting.

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Interesting that...

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If you read the differences between these memories, you see that the -5B is DDR400... whereas the -6 is DDR333...

Do you know whether the clock rate is 200M or 133-167M for the starter kit?

Actually, which starter kit are you using? I have a pile of kits, want to make sure I can't have the same problem...


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Benjamin Todd

The Readme says 133 MHz.

Spartan-3E Starter Kit (HW-SPAR3E-SK-US)


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I do not have yet use this design but in my opinion, you have to connect an external clock to the SMA connector for clock input (this design is for memory testing) ;

or change in the .ucf file NET CLK = ... to use onboard 50MHz crystal

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