csptool : Chipscope Pro perl script to group buses automatically


As any user of Xilinx Chipscope Pro probably already noticed, the GUI is not that great. Especially when it comes to handling buses. One has to manually group each buses by hand and this is time consuming, especially if you're like me and you have 3 FPGAs in the jtag chain, each with 20 different buses.

So I created a small perl script to automate this process, it's called csptool. I'm releasing this small script as open-source on Google Code:

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Here is the help from the script:

-------------------------------------------------------------- Features: - Supports multiple FPGA devices and multiple ILA units per FPGA - Supports Chipscope Pro v7.1.04i and v8.1.03i (Windows). Should work with other OS and/or other Chipscope versions too. - Supports regular buses, i.e. bus, bus, but also "state machine style" buses such as State_Fdd1, StateFdd2, etc.

Usage: - Create a new cpj projet with Chipscope Pro Analyzer (might not work if project is not "fresh"). - Import the .cdc files to get relevant signal names. - For each unit and each FPGA, make the waveform appear by clicking "Waveform" in the left project tree. - Save the project (you don't need to close Chipscope). - Run the tool like this: csptool your_project.cpj (I suggest to associate .cpj files to csptool.exe, so that you can just double-click a .cpj file) - Reload your Chipscope projet.


To use it, you must install a perl interpreter such as the free ActivePerl. Once this is done and you know that perl.exe is in your path, juste type: perl csptool.pl your_project.cpj

You can make it even easier by compiling the perl script into a .exe and associating .cpj files to that .exe. That way, you simply have to double-click on your project in windows explorer and voil=E0. I'm sorry that I can't release a .exe publicly, I don't have a license for a perl compiler.

If you want to contribute some features to the script (check the comments in the script for a suggested todo list) feel free to send me an e-mail and I'll gladly give you commit rights.

I hope it can be useful to someone.

Patrick Dubois

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Patrick Dubois
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Hi Patrick, Thank you very much for your wonderful work.

ChipScope is 1st class excellent tool, but its GUI is the 3rd class.

Xilinx, why don't you put some money on the 1st clall tool to get its

1st class GUI?

It is not difficult as ChipScope, but it is very helpful ans saving time to users.


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Weng Tianxiang

nice work

thanks ...

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