Config XCF04S using iMPACT


I am traing to use iMpact to program Xilinx PROM XCF04S, but no success. When I read back the file from the PROM after programing it and I compare the readback one with the original, they do not match. Also my iMPCAT doesnt program my Xilinx FPGA Spartan-3E : when I use iMPACT the prog doent run at all but if I use chipscope the prog will run fine on the demo borad : Spartan-3E starter kit with USB cable. But unfortunatly I cant use chipscope to prog the PROM :-(. Any idea whats wrong with iMPACT or with me :-) ?? Note: when i open the originale mcs file and the readback one, the readback one containe many FFFFF at the end of almost each line, compared to the original that have zerors instead.

thank for your help in advence.

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