Lattice MachXO3L - new "F"sub-subfamily...

Lattice has shipped new version ov their Diamond tool v 3.4.1. for FPGA design.

Changelog lists support for new MachXO3LF devices, which I can't find anywhere,.

They did hint through some other remark that "F" could stand for devices with real Flash ( instead of 2-time programmable NVCM block in ordinary XO3L) series.

Does anyone here know more about XO3LF and possibly any upcoming updates of XO3L ?

Lattice has announced bigger models, but then their PR backtracked and pushed those in "full XO3" sufamily, which was to follow XO3L, but did not so far...

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I don't keep up with the pre-announced products. But this sounds interesting. My issue with most of the smaller Lattice parts are the fine pitch packages. The X03 devices in general don't seem to be doing anything about that.


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The XO3 Programming Guide says: The MachXO3? is an SRAM-based Programmable Logic Device that includes an internal Non-Volatile Configuration Memory (NVCM) in the MachXO3L version and On-Chip Flash in the MachXO3LF version.

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