chips with partial reconfig other than atmel & xilinx?

I'm interested in knowing if there are any currently in-production FPGAs (ie not EOL'ed or as-yet-unreleased) that support any degree of partial reconfiguration, even if not supported by the vendor.

Atmel's chips have awesome, incredible partial reconfiguration abilities. Pretty much everything you could want.

Xilinx' more recent chips support partial reconfiguration at column-level granularity, although if you read-modify-write you can get glitchless updates at logic-block granularity. Reconfiguring routing this way is officially disavowed by Xilinx except under a highly constrained set of conditions (bus macros, modules must be as tall as the device, etc). Better partial reconfig is probably possible, but not advertised by the vendor.

I'm not terribly familiar with anybody else's chips aside from Altera's (which definately do not have any useful degree of partial reconfig ability whatsoever [*]), so I'd like to know if there are any other vendors I should know about who offer some degree of partial reconfigurability.

[*] for the record, I consider "useful" to mean without clearing the state of the device (ie flip-flops).
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not known as any publicly available information :(

Atmel reconfig is nice, I even have the secret docu about all the bits :) Xilinx is a bit more problematic as they dont have that degree of flexibility and docu is partially missing and the tool flow is not supported well.

as only unknown is the new beastie from ST, I would be not surprised if that can be partially configured, but there is no info about that yet.


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