cannot get compedklib tool to work


I have a problem simulating a design made in Xilinx Platform Studio with EDK 6.3.

The thing is, I cannot get compedklib to work. It cannot detect my ModelSim simulator, and therefore it will not compile the libraries I need for my simulation.

I'm using the 6.3 EDK and ModelSim SE 6.0c. Does anyone know which environment variables I have to set for the compedklib to detect my installation of ModelSim?

I have the following system variables:

XILINX=c:\Xilinx XILINX_EDK=C:\edk MODELSIM=c:\modeltech_6.0c\modelsim.ini LMC_HOME=C:\Xilinx\smartmodel\nt\installed_nt LM_LICENSE_FILE=

all the paths above are correct.

Does anyone else experience this same problem? Or does anyone using a similar config have a working system? Your help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Jim Tuilman

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You must have vcom.exe in your Path. In other words, the variable PATH must include something like "C:\Modeltech_6.0c\win32" (or wherever your Modelsim executables live).

Best regards, Ryan Laity Xil> Hello,

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Ryan Laity

Thank you very much. I made the changes to my %path% variable and it works like a charm.

Jim Tuilman

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