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what does back-annotate assignments exactly mean?

Are the assignments of the current project saved in a separate file that is a safe copy?

I would be thankful for your explanation.

Rgds Andre

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Hi Andre,

It basically means that, for instance, pin locations chosen by Quartus are now converted to 'hard' assignments in the currently-used .qsf file.

Quartus will let you go into all sorts of detail, down to individual LE placement. Most of the time you'll only want the pinout to be back-annotated.

You will very likely get into trouble with your PCB guy though, as the automatic pin placements that Quartus produces are not the most optimal ones for PCB design.

If you want to try out different pinouts, Quartus II 4.1 has the ability to create several revisions of a project, including different pinouts, logic options etc.

Best regards,


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Ben Twijnstra

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