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Hi everyone,

I'm a student of the RWTH (or university of) Aachen, Germany. Right now I'm writing my diploma thesis at the Chair of Computer Science "Software for Embedded Systems".

With this thesis comes an interactive web application. The idea of this application is that developers of embedded systems get and give informations and help concerning the non-functional requirements of embedded systems.

The non-functional requirements are the so-called bilities like reliability, dependability, maintainability and so on. We also call them hardware attributes. Also in the focus of the application are the properties influencing these attributes (like the debug support influences the testability). So for inexperienced developers a question might be: "What is testability and how is it influenced by the debug support and why might it be important for my needs?" But if this developer does not even know about the existence of testability he/she might after visiting the application.

Until now I mostly found questions about hard facts or functional requirements like the amount of RAM necessary for an explicit application. Mostly inexperienced developers seem to ask these questions not knowing that there can also be non-functional requirements (like in software-engineering).

Right now the application is still a beta version. But I want to invite you to visit the application and give comments and/or expand the attribute-tree.

You can find the application on

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I thank you for your time (and perhaps your interest?)

Julian Wild

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Hi everyone, to shorten my request:

What experiences do you have with non-functional requirements? Do you have examples for these experiences?

I want to invite you to share your knowledge on

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(the above mentioned URL will be disabled in a few months).

Thank you, J. Wild

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