Altera-Xilinx interfacing SERDES transcievers problem

Hi, Who could enlighten me with the followings:

I need to interface a SERDES transciever from a VIRTEX5 FPGA with a STRATIX II IO. Things would be easiest if I'll have a Stratix II GX instead of Stratix II, but the GX FPGA has no HARDCOPY II structured Altera ASIC corespondent, so I can't use a GX because of finacial reasons (and huge ball numbers, improper for this design).

How could I get an equivalent of 3Gbps SERDES transciever (like GX has) using only high speed differential IO available in STRATIX II?

thank you, Vasile

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Good luck!

I think the fastest LVDS serdes you can do in StratixII (non-GX) is

840 Mbps nominal, and 1Gbps with their ALT_LVDS macro and DPA (dynamic phase alignment) turned on.

If anyone can get it running faster, I look forward to seeing how.

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If cost and size is a concern and you're not stuck on Altera you might want to look at Lattice's ECP2M family. Comes in packages as small as

256 pins, provides 3 Gig SERDES, and is very cost effective.

Thanks, John Dimtsios

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I'm stucked on Stratix II and Virtex 5. Fortunately I can use multiple LVDS from both Stratix and Virtex, so I guess I can create a pack of 1 Gbps "lanes" which could finally transfer 3Gbps isn't it ?

thx, Vasile

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