Altera MPM7064LC84 vs EPM7064LC84

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Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between MPM7064LC84
and EPM7064LC84?


Re: Altera MPM7064LC84 vs EPM7064LC84
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Hi Derek,
The MPM7064 is the mask-programmed version of the EPM7064. This was
the early 90s version of HardCopy (Altera's current Structured ASIC
product). Basically a designer would take the design and POF file,
give it to Altera, and Altera would make a version that is hard-wired.
Cheaper, but not reprogrammable. Like HardCopy devices are today, but
much smaller.

This program is no longer in place, at least for new designs. The
march of technology means that for this density, the mask-programmed
option is not really cheaper. These devices tend to be IO pad-limited,
so it doesn't really matter how small the logic area is. For new
designs in this density the MAX3000 or MAX II product lines will be
cheaper while retaining the reprogammability.  If you have some old
chips marked MPM7064LC84 then they really can't be used for anything
else in the way that old EPM7064LC84s could be.

Greg Steinke
Altera Corporation

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