ACEX (EP1K) Power-Up Current

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Since Altera seems to be active in this group, I will ask the question
here.  I have finally gotten an acceptable price on the EP1K30 part (5
volt tolerant) and will be using it in my design provided I don't step
on any landmines looking at the data sheet in fine detail.  One item
that is missing is the startup current.  I called support and got a
number of 194 mA.  But I asked if this was over temp and voltage and he
didn't know.  He said he would dig up the answer and get back to me
which never happened.  

So who can tell me the power-up current for the EP1K10, EP1K30, EP1K50
and EP1K100 in both commercial and industrial temp grade over
temperature and voltage?  

Also, I am not certain I understand the quiescent current spec on this
part.  There are two values, one has a footnote...

ICC0 VCC supply current (standby)

(12) This parameter applies to -1 speed grade commercial temperature
devices and -2 speed grade industrial and extended temperature devices.

Does this mean the lower value (5 mA) without the footnote applies to
all other devices?  

Am I correct in assuming that this spec is for a configured part with no
clock as well as an unconfigured part?  


Rick "rickman" Collins
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Re: ACEX (EP1K) Power-Up Current
On your question on startup current - I don't know this offhand but
will track this down with the hotline guy, as we don't want to
duplicate effort.

The other question about quiescent current:
Your interpretation is correct. The 5 mA value applies to -2 and -3
commercial-temp devices and -3 industrial/extended-temp devices, while
the 10 mA value applies to -1 commercial-temp devices and -2, -3
industrial/extended-temp devices. The spec applies to a configured
part with no toggling inputs. We do not have a spec for the
unconfigured part. In reality it may be slightly higher, but not much

Greg Steinke
Altera Applications

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