Accessing SRAM on the Spartan-3 Starter Board

Dear All,

I'm sure this question was already been posted (and answered) in this list, but I could not find a suitable answer for my little knowledge of this matters, so, with my apologies, i'm posting it again.

I'm developing a microblaze system based on the Spartan-3 starter kit board. I need to access the on-board SRAM from my C code. I have hooked the SRAM to the OPB bus using BSB. The automatically generated memory_test application works just fine.

I just need the memory to hold data during program execution, e.g, int's, I d'ont have any sort of timing requirements.

My question is: how i'm I suppose to read and write to/from the SRAM? Just use the XIo_Out/In(32, 16, 8) library functions or is their a more efficient way of accessing the memory? I'm particulary confused by the functions on the XEmc library, that are related to the SRAM, but I really d'ont know what they do.

Tank you all,

Jos=E9 Mariano

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a small hint:

just look the way the Xio_out is actually done in the xilinx library source. there you see how todo it.

its just standard C pointer access to raw memory


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As Antti has said, you only have to create a pointer such as int *sdram_pointer=3D(int *)(0x22000000)

*sdram_pointer=3D..... sdram_pointer++; .=2E..
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Great, tank you both very much.


jose mariano

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