A new request for each of you

A request for each of you
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To my fellow "Usenet group"ies:
I come before you today with a request for each of you. I ask
you to give it an ear and ponder it in your heart. Consider it
for a time each day and think about what it means to the baseline
fundamental views we hold in our lives.
My request is that you consider what this means to your self-
image: You were created. You do have a purpose. You were not
an accident of random chance in this universe. You were, instead,
specifically and purposefully hand-crafted by God, hand-placed
into this world where you are, with a purpose to have a real im-
pact upon this world. To further realize that within the creation
of your existence, the one creating you had a real purpose in do
doing. God created you with a goal of certain things He wants you
to do in this world, for example.
Think about this idea: That you were created, that you do have a
real purpose, and that you will go on after you leave this world,
and that you do have a choice today regarding how you will live
your life, and that the warning given you by your very creator is
that there is a real enemy here in this world, responsible for all
that we see wrong here, who seeks to mislead you, trick you, trap
you, and ultimately destroy your soul by leading you away from God,
but if you will give God an ear, and stop hardening your heart
toward Him, that He will guide you not only to safety in this world,
but to the fullest, richest prosperity in Him.
Think about this. Read it a few times. Make sure you get a clear
understanding: You were created specifically by God. You have a
real purpose, and there are two paths before you: one leading to
forgiveness for the wrong you've done, to be a part of God's plan
for your life, one that keeps you unforgiven in the wrong you've
done and is leading away from God and God's plan for your life.
God created you for greatness. He loves you. He will lead and
guide and protect and save you from all evil. But He also honors
you too much to violate His greatest gift to you: your volition.
He will not violate your free will to choose. But look into Him
and see how He's revealed Himself through His Son. The Bible
gives us a view of God that explains things in a way which really
resonates on the inside if you're willing to receive it. But if
you harden your heart, it will always only be a book of laughable
tales and fantasies.
The choice is yours, but the truth speaks to you. You were God's
creation. You were made special. You do have a purpose. And
you will go on after you leave this world. God has a plan for you
and will save you from everything bad, and give you a real and
secure future that dwells in fullest, richest prosperity for you,
His beloved and held dear, most special creation.
Thank you,
Rick C. Hodgin
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Rick C Hodgin
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Rick C. Hodgin
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