Where to sell Tektronix Probes

I have some probes I'm looking to sell but I can't find a reasonable value to sell them at. And I don't really know where to post them forsale. I don't expect the retail value, I just want to know what a fair price would be.

Here is what I have:

- Tek P6022 Current Probe (120Mhz) unopened with manual, and all the extras (clips, termination, etc). ($1050 US new retail)

- two Tek P6057 probes (100X, 1.4GHz, I still need to test them). (~$200 Retail)

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Scott Gibson
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There's this website that's all the rage. It's a great place for sellers to get insanely high prices for stuff.

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Try it. mike

Return address is VALID.
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