Tek Scope Calibration in Los Angeles Area? Recommendations?

Hi - I have a Tek 2221 that could use a bit of a checkup and I'm in Los Angeles. What would you recommend? Are there any particularly GOOD technicians/services around?

thanks Jonathan

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BrooksVanPall wrote in news:41a8a861_1@

For TEK service,the scope will have to be shipped to Beaverton. TEK closed all other service centers but their DC field office 6 years ago. TEK may not even service this model itself,you have to check their Long Term Product Support list if it's not a currently sold product.

TEK is also known to ship "obsolete" (out of LTPS)scopes to a 3rd party service like Verizon,and have real TEK cal stickers put on so the customer would not know their scope was not cal'd by TEK.This was their policy 6 years ago,I don't know if they changed it or not.I suspect not.

Jim Yanik
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Jim Yanik

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