RACAL 1992 oscillator: which one is the best ?

Hi all,

I'm going to buy a RACAL DANA 1992 universal counter. I've heard about the oscillator option: one is better than the other but... which one is the best ?

I know about some option numbers: 04C, 04E and so on... which is the best ? what are the differences between the single models ?

Thank you in advance for your help Matteo - IV3YNB

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IV3YNB schrieb:

Depends on... but I 04E is the most stable oven; build into the 1992-02M (military). Most of the military have 04E.

04T TCXO (3x10E-7/month; +-1x10E-6 between 0..40C) 04A Oven (
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Peter Matler

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