Old Philips PM3302 Oscilloscope?

Hi all.. sorry for the cross post but I though each of you could help in this case...

I'm looking to buy an old Philips PM3302 Oscilloscope off a trade site. The seller has listed its fault "Has a problem with the trace jumping" and shows a picture of it in action here trying to display a square wave...

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I thought if I could pick it up for a small amount I could have it fixed with the money I'd have left over. So here are my questions.

1) Does any one know how old this is and what its specs are? 2) Would the fault cost much to have fixed and if it woulld be fixable? 3) How much should I pay in it's present condition?

Thanks in advance. DaveC

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My own experience in the USA is that broken test equipment is only of use to those who have the skills, manuals, time, etc. to fix it themselves. It doesn't make financial sense to buy something broken and try to have it fixed by someone else. If you want to go that route, you'd be better off simply buying a refurbished scope. In this case, not only do you know that the scope is defective, you also know that the seller has tried unsuccessfully to fix it, possibly having damaged it worse in the process. Two strikes against.

Maybe that rule of thumb doesn't apply in NZ; perhaps it is harder to find refurbished equipment and easier to find knowledgeable and affordable repair people.

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Walter Harley

Hi Dave,

would not recommend to buy. A couple of philips special made IC in the scope, obsolete now. Better stay off.

just my two cents, Andreas

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for your informations, The PM3302 is actually a Hameg under the name Philips. No more supported by Philips/Fluke.

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