I have a high frequency RF workshop for sale in Pittsburgh PA - $8,000 (negotiable)

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I have a high frequency RF workshop for sale in Pittsburgh PA - $8,000
The workshop was used to make government surveillance equipment (phone
tapping and room monitoring devices).  Ideally I would like to sell
the entire contents of the workshop for ~$8,000 (negotiable). The
contents are probably worth about $15,000-$20,000 if I sold everything

A general list of the contents of this workshop are below. There are
far too many items to list them all.

-Hermes Engravograph Type 8000-128
-Kepro Sheet Metal cutter model is MS-6 i think
-Di-Acro Houdaille finger brake no 12 (sheet metal bender)
-Rusnok Model 80 drill press

- Hewlett Packard (HP) 339A Distortion Measurement set
 -HP 8558B Spectrum Analyzer 0.1-1500 MhZ  with a HP 182T display
 -Tektronix  453 Oscilloscope
 -Tektronix 130L-C Meter
 -HP 8750A Storage Normalizer
 -HP 8570 Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Range 10hz-22Ghz, 1khz to 3 Mhz
 -HP 5383 500Mhz Frequency Counter
 -EH 70 generation G710 pulse generator
 --204D Oscillator
 -HP 8640B Signal Generator
 -HeathKit HM 2141 50-175 Mhz
 -Realistic Hyperscan 400 Channel Pro 2006
 -GRC Strobotac Type 1531A
 -Adjust -A-Volt Variable Transformer
 -Datong Multi-mode filter model FL2
 -Sony PSB IC-5500W
 -Dela-Bridge I Delavan Electronics Antenna Bridge Part. No 40603
 -RCA Dynamic Transistor FET Tester WT 524A
 -Monsanto Model 100A Counter Timer
 -RF Millivolter-Helper Instruments Company
 -HP 6217 Power supply
 -Fairchild 7050 Multimeter model
 -Fluke 8040A Multimeter
 -EIN 500L RF power amplifier
 -3001 capacitance meter-continental specialties corporation
 --ICOM communications receiver IC-R7000
 -Sony PSB/Air/FM/AM 4 bands Air -8
 -GND Dip Meter model 90651 James Millen MfG. Co
 -RCA VoltOhmyst WV-97A

In addition to this list, there are drawers upon drawers labeled with
the circuit parts...the parts used to create audio surveillance
equipment for phones and room monitoring. E.g. pre printed circuit
boards, pre-made brass boxes that circuits went into, capacitors,
transistors, sheets of metal (to make the circuit housing), hand
tools, sautering guns, shrink wrap, 20+ baby monitors, miniature
microphones, etc,etc.

Please contact me if you are interested. My email is:

I look  forward to hearing from you.

Thank you very much.
Blair Mullen

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