Workshop clean out - shed load of components for sale in Perth.....

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I'm not sure if this qualifies as spam but its a change from politics & gun
ownership arguments.....

I'm cleaning out my workshop & have a heap of components I want to sell off.
They are mostly "New Old Stock" that I've collected or purchased over the
years & figured some of you guys might be interested in them.

There's caps, connectors, ICs, connectors etc. All sold as is.
I'd rather sell all in a few big lots rather than stuffing arount with 1's &
(ie All the caps in one go).

I've stuck them on Gumtree with some photos:

My contact info is on the Gumtree ad. Please email for more details /


Capacitors - range of through hole ceramic, electrolytic etc
Probably about 25+ bags some with 100 caps some with 200+ per bag
Some on reels, some on tape.

Resistors - Power 20k 5W ceramic about 300 off

26W PCB IDC, 26W PCB IDC Locking
D37 female PCB mounting
2 & 3 way PCB mount screw terminal connectors

Integrated Circuits / semiconductors. Est quantity in [brackets] follows
part number. All DIP & in original tubes unless otherwise noted:

AT28C256 [13] 256K EEPROM
CD74HC123E [20]
ICM7211AIPL [11] Display Decoder/Driver LCD
SN75C1406N [16]
MMC74C373N [104]
74HC4516 150
MC74HC299N [8]
MC14028BCP [200] BCD-To-Dec Decod
74HC139 [32]
74HC595N 8
7663S [200]
ICL7660 [120] Switched-Cap Volt Conv
LP324FP [50] SOIC
TL084CN [10]
TL074CN [20]
LM393N [28] Dual Comp
LP365N [16]
ADC1205CCJ [39] 12-Bit Plus Sign ADC
AM7911PC [16] WORLD-CHIP FSK Modem?
MSP430F1121 [96] MSP430 micro, SOIC
PCB80C31BH CMOS 8-bit micro
AD7533 [3] 10-Bit DAC
SA612AN [14] Double-bal mixer & oscillator
ADC809CCN [61] ADC
DG303 [180] ANALOG SW
UDN2981A [22] 8-Ch Src Drvr IC
LM2940T TO-220 [30+] 12v REG
ua7883 TO-220 [~100]

2u2 50V RB elect [500+] bagged
470p ceramic bag
1000u / 25v RB [350+]
330pF 2.5mm mono cap [700] tape
0.1u 35v tan [2000] on tape
2n2 WIMA cap [90]
Heaps more assorted cap values / types.

20k 5W ceramic pwr resistor [300+]


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