HP 54xxx series oscillocopes

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 Just bought a 54120b on eBay, cheap. Only to find out it needs the 54121a  
test set. Alright, got an old beat up Tek that might still work. Both jamme
d into storage for the interim.

 Anyone using/familiar with these and other contemporaneous models? Is ther
e a substitute test set or something equivalent I could use (to troubleshoo
t old electronics, don't need multi ghz bandwidth currently). What is a tes
t set? Presumably pre-amps and such. There's an article (HP Journal maybe)  
about using thick film technology (back in the late 80s). Don't think that  
applies to the mainframe itself.

 If anyone could direct me to forums that deal exclusively w/HP instrumenta
tion, I would be most grateful. Most people tell you to get a tried and tru
e Tek, and I'm not against that bit of advice. I just like HP though.

 And finally, how does the 54120 relate to the 54110, 54111, and 54112 (or  
other non color models for that matter)? Do they in effect have the "test s
et" built in? Many scopes employ plug ins obviously. The 54120 has circuit  
cards, the others I think have a large mainboard.

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