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When using Music Match Jukebox or Windows Media Player, sound is distorted. Have run the help diagnostics, but problem persists. Any help appreciated.

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You'll probably get better help by posting to an audio-related or computer-related newsgroup; this one is aimed at electronic test equipment, though that includes devices such as audio analyzers.

Assuming that you don't actually have any electronic test equipment, some information that will help diagnose your problem (and that you might include in your post to a more appropriate newsgroup) would be:

  1. When you say "distorted," precisely what do you mean? Garbled, choppy, compressed, noisy, clipped, ...? Is it all sound, or only certain source material? Does it happen at all levels, or only when it's turned up loud?
  2. What kind of sound card are you using?
  3. What audio system are you feeding from the sound card? (Powered speakers, headphones, home stereo, ...?)
  4. Is this a new problem, or has it always been this way? If a new problem, what changed to make it happen?
  5. Have you tried any troubleshooting steps so far?
  6. Are there conditions (e.g., different software) in which there is no distortion, or is it distorted with all the software and source material available to you?
  7. Do your speakers, headphone, hifi, etc. (whatever you're feeding from the sound card outputs) work without distortion when you use a different signal source, such as an iPod or CD player?
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Walter Harley

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