Accumulating earth leakage not to be detected ?

If normal earth leakage detection level is 30mA, this probably is based on average 'dangerous current' ?

But when several offices are fed from a single earth leakage detector, it is not appropriate for one user to bring all parallel users down, by merely adding 5 mA extra leakage, to increase the total from 26mA to 31 mA.

Do earth leakage detectors exists which only react to an INCREASE in earth leakage ?

What are these 'self tuning' ELDs which I read about ?

Thanks for any info.

== Chris Glur.

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Yes, earth leakage detection at

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Andrew Gabriel

Andrew, the 30mA leaking current is the most dangerous current if it passes through the heart (path:right arm-left arm).Protection against electrocution is done:

1) Earthing the neutral in the LV side of the local substation, thus the center of the star of the secondary 2) Earthing the metal parts of the device 3)GFCI breaker sometimes a GFCI trips when of course, nobody touches anything live and it makes them annoying, that's why some people don't like them.Recently three people were electrocuted by chinese irons without earthing here, one of them was a technician of the company that imported them.

-- Tzortzakakis Dimitrios major in electrical engineering, freelance electrician FH von Iraklion-Kreta, freiberuflicher Elektriker dimtzort AT otenet DOT gr ? "Andrew Gabriel" ?????? ??? ?????? news:d1enug$8cn$

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Dimitrios Tzortzakakis

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