Wiznet W5200 Ethernet is not detected by PC...

I am working on an embedded device which uses MSP430 series controller. The device support Ethernet connection using Wiznet w5200 IC which has inbuilt TCP stack.

I am facing an issue with network cable detection.

In my windows 7 PC if i plug the ethernet cable which is connected to my deive (w5200) it is able to detect. But in other PC which has some other ethernet controller or driver it is either not detected or sometimes take

10-15 seconds to detect presence of the cable.

Could it be a problem of firmware (As per my understanding it is a physical layer problem). We have used circuit provided by wiznet for eval board as sample.

PC in which it is easily detected has - intel82578DM Gigabit adapter PC in which it is not detected has - intel82567M3 gigabit adapter

I don't know whether the adapter could make any difference.

Could anybody please put some light on the problem.

Thanks in advance.

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