WIZZnet Chip W3100a's TCP/IP Support

Hello All,

Is there any one who knows about W3100a'a TCPI/IP Support?

They have mentioned

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that they are supporting TCP, UDP, IP, ICMP etc.

But i want the detailed features what they support in TCP/IP.

If any one knows or have some documents please send it to me.

  1. Is this support all of the following features as defined by RFC

IP (Addressing, TOS, TTL, IP Options, Source Route Option, Routing Outbound Datagrams, Reassembly & fragmentation, Source route forwarding ie Broadcast & Multicast)

ICMP ( Destination Unreachable, Redirect, Source quench, Time Exceeded, ICMP Echo Request or Reply, ICMP Address Mask Request & Reply, Parameter problem, ICMP Timestamp & Timestamp Reply)

UDP (IP Options, UDP Checksums, UDP Multihoming).

TCP (Push Flag, Urgent Data, TCP Options, TCP Checksums, Opening and closing Connection, Retransmission, Acks, Sending Data, Connection Failure, TCP Keep Alive, IP Options, ICMP Messages & Address Validation)

  1. Is WIZZnet ASSP provides feature of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for TCP and UDP?

Hope a reply from you.

Regards Bhabani

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