Which CAN controller for DeviceNet

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If you were going to pick a CAN controller for a non-trivial DeviceNet
product (probably want to support UCMM), what sort of controller would you

 1) Enhanced basicCAN (e.g. SJA1000/PeliCAN), where the rx queue allows for
    higher latencies, but SW must do filtering.

 2) FullCANN (e.g. 82527) which does more filtering but requires lower

Have I correctly identified the tradeoffs between the two?

Is an SPI interface device like the Microchip 2515 suitable for a
full-featured Devicenet node?

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Re: Which CAN controller for DeviceNet
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There are a few pages regarding CAN controller selection in the "CAN and
DeviceNet" chapter of the DeviceNet Technical Overview at www.odva.org.
This may not answer you specific questions but could be helpful otherwise.

I'm not familiar with the 82527.  The SJA1000 has some nice features in
PeliCAN mode.  There is a "listen only" mode which is useful for
automatically detecting the DeviceNet baud rate.  And there are some
test features.  There is a Philips application note that explains these
features in more detail.

 -- Kevin

Re: Which CAN controller for DeviceNet
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It very much depends on the number and type of messages you are going
to receive.  If you are receiving a limited number of messages a
device like the 82527 can be very useful.  You can configure the masks
so that each message you are interested in goes to a different buffer
and can be serviced at your leisure.


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