What does 'Programming experience with C on Linux is mandatory' mean?

Position: Embedded Development Engineer

.Programming experience with C on Linux is mandatory

Here is Job Description:

"We are seeking Senior Software Engineers with experience in systems progra mming. The successful incumbent will develop / integrate / troubleshooting firmware components. This position is also responsible for designing, imple menting, and optimizing algorithms for embedded Linux appliances. This posi tion will be responsible for developing new and enhanced existent functiona lities for software applications, determining functional requirements, esti mating task effort, determining functional requirements and writing/reviewi ng functional design specifications, and related documentation. And, you wi ll interact with the team end users and be called upon to deal with product ion and technical support issues."

And I have working experience on embedded Linux board BeagleBone. I know bootloader, some knowledge on kernel, some device driver, a little o n its file system.

Could you explain what content for "C on Linux"?


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Robert Willy
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Seems self-explanatory to me: they only want people who have written applications in C that run under Linux.

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Tim Wescott

It means, if you don't have experience programming in C in a Linux environment, don't waste your time or theirs.

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John Mianowski

Robert Willy wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@googlegroups.com:

If you think your experience is relevant, detail it for them so that they can decide whether it is worth interviewing you. If you're not sure if you qualify for what they want you for just ignore the ad and move on to something relevant.

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David LaRue

Lets see what this means.

The Beaglebone has been on the market for maybe 5 years. You have not done any PRODUCTs with the BeagleBone.

Your a hacker.

OK, that's fine.

The job description is seeking "Senior Software Engineer"

Unless you can prove you have developed real products "written in C under Linux"

You do not qualify.

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This requirement doesn't talk about Linux, it could very well be writing directly on bare hardware, often with limited processor speed, memory capacity etc.

This is an additional requirement.

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That's taking the statement out of context. It's pretty clear that they mean Linux device firmware/driver, without repeating "Linux" every time.

Linux appliances usually mean some gui user app. So, be ready to do gtk/tcltk, automake, autoconf and all the fun stuff with gnu dependences.

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