Very low-cost Android-based touch panel for HMI

There is an example of an RS485 converter on page 28 of the data sheet.

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I have no idea if this is any good or answers your question. I haven't ever used RS-485

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Thanks Dennis, I gave up as its not listed on FTDI's summary product page...

Anyway, the FT232R datasheet says it can only do 7 or 8 data bits. If that's so, this part will not work for lots of RS-485 networks that use 9-bit addressing...

IIRC Exar has parts that do this (but no Android drivers).

OP was not specific in his RS-485 requirement! He might be best off building a small dongle that does USB to the host with vanilla CDC, with the dongle implementing the specific RS-485 protocol as he requires. This would allow easier integration with hosts not able to meet timing requirements etc; I've done similar...

Hope that helps, Best Regards, Dave

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Dave Nadler

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