Resistive touch panels (where to buy?)

Hi, I am looking for a transparent resistive touch panel. My difficulty is most suppliers do custom panels, but my quantity reauirements are too small to warrant a custom design. I am hoping to find a standard panel to suit my design. Exact size is not critical because we can design the housing to suit the panel!

Requirements: Transparant panel to overlay onto LCD display 120mm x 45mm aprox. (no display needed) Resistive 4, 5, or 8 wire. no interface electronics needed - we design our own. Any connector - FPC or other. I hope to find a supplier with a range of sizes who can supply quantities of 1 - 10. Suggestions appreciated. TIA

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Joseph Casey
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Apollo sells seperate touch panels for their displays, maybe you can find one close enough to your size requirement there. Check out:

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Another option, which might be even cheaper, is to look for surplus displays with panels already attached and canabalize them. Try Earth LCD for starters..

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I suggest you'll have better luck asking your LCD vendor to supply the product with a tablet pre-fitted, or look for another vendor who makes a module with similar specs, but includes a touchscreen option. Pretty much all of these tablets are custom parts, intended for some specific display model.

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Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

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