LCD Simulation in KEIL

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I want to simulate LCD display (16/2) on Keil. I downloaded a DLL file
but cant understand the instruction or how to use it in my program Can
anybody help me

Thank you


Re: LCD Simulation in KEIL
I can only ask you why don't you make a prototype, and try
it on real hardware?

I always develop using prototypes because it takes pretty long
time to get to know simulations and ...

You can get any LCD 16x2 with same controller on it and connect
it to your microcontroller.

I know you asked how to simulate it in Keil, I don't know that.

Best regards, Mickey.

Re: LCD Simulation in KEIL

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LCD simulator DLL was written by Michael Baldischweiler, so it's not a
surprise that
instructions are in German ;). On the other side, from his site ( ) you can
also download english version, as well as some other usefull simulation


Re: LCD Simulation in KEIL
Thank you for the suggestions.

We dont have an LCD prototype right now thats why i have decided to go
with simulation system.


Re: LCD Simulation in KEIL
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I had a similar problem last year - Needed to have a custom LCD panel built
for a feature telephone I was designing, and the schedule did not allow for
waiting on the panel.

I designed a LCD editor/simulator for small LCD panels (up to 1024 segments).
This allows you to visually lay out the LCD on the PC screen, and to emulate
it over a serial connection. It also automatically bulds LCD mapping tables
and character generators for  you if you need them.

The serial connection uses a very simple 1-byte command structure, which
provides LCD updates of a segment with one byte (two bytes when the top
5-bits of the segment number change), as well as ASCII debug output to a
text window, and logging up to 31 software "events" by sending a single

This worked very well - I had the phone up and running on the actual hardware
long before the panel arrived (I didn't have a spare serial port, so I just
turned off the LCD controller and used an I/O bit that would have gone to the
LCD as a "bit bash" serial output port - the emulator does not require the
target to receive any data from it,

I think this is a better approach, because it allows you to develop and test
on the actual system hardware - when the panel finally did arrive, we dropped
it into the system, replaced the "serial " LCD driver code with code to talk
to the real LCD controller, and there were no surprises, the system came up
with very little difficulty.

It had the added benefit that I was able to delay finalizing the panel until
I had a base system running with the "virtual panel" and could let my
customer see it's "look and feel" and provide some feedback on the
final panel.

If you already have your panel designed, it probably would not take long to
build a simple emulation. If you are interested in my tool, I have since added
it to my LABTOOLS package. Contect me for more information.


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Re: LCD Simulation in KEIL
But you should know the controller on LCD module, and you can
get any LCD module with same controller they usually have the
same interface.

I'm now working with LCD module with HD44780 controller and there
is probably 100s of LCD modules with the same controller, and they
have similar interface (4 or 8 lines).

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