Re: Node Status in CAN Communication

Ins CSR register

[Bit 10] NT: Node status transition flag If the node status is changed to increment, or from Bus Off to Error Active, this bit is set to 1. In other words, the NT bit is set to 1 if the node status is changed from Error Active (00) to Warning (01), from Warning (01) to Error Passive (10), from Error Passive (10) to Bus Off 21.6 Classifying the CAN Controller Registers (11), and from Bus Off (11) to Error Active (00). Numbers in parentheses indicate the values of NS1 and NS0 bits. When the node status transition interrupt enable bit (NIE) is 1, an interrupt is generated. Writing 0 sets the NT bit to 0. Writing 1 to the NT bit is ignored. 1 is read when a Read Modify Write instruction is performed. [Bits 9 to 8] NS1 and NS0: Node status bits 1 and 0 These bits indicate the current node status. Table 21.6-1 Correspondence between NS1 and NS0 and Node Status [Bit 2] NIE: Node status transition interrupt enable bit This bit enables or disables a node status transition interrupt (when NT = 1). 0: Node status transition interrupt disabled 1: Node status transition interrupt enabled

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hi all, how to find out the node status transition in the CAN > controller(MB90F450)and accordingly i have to enable the interrupts. > plz give me an idea on how to do this > > Regards, > Charan. >
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