TSOP56 to DIL48 adapter question

Hi from Italy,

i'm in need to program a JS28F640J3D75 flash memory with this programmer

formatting link

Thinking too easily that adapters were all the same i made bought this one

formatting link

No way to read data and Flash ID neither.This adapter uses a 74HC164 to convert signals from serial to parallel

Despite in many site the above programmer is sold as lifetime software supported, the brand no longer exists,so i can't have info on how the adapter should be.In the programmer software i didn't foud any option ineherent to the adapter.

A compatible adapter can be ordered from China,but is very likely that it would lay in italian custom for a couple of weeks, or more.

I don't think that the programmer needs a sophisticated circuit in the adapter,but i'm not able to founda single diagram about this stuff on the web.

Any hint ?

Many thanks Diego

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