Tools for 80C188 processor

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Can anyone point me to free tools for the intel 80C188 processor. We
have a testset that is no longer produced that we would like to
maintain and add functionality. I'm needing to download the code from
firmware if at all possible and  basically reverse engineer it. Any
leads on assembler/disassembler Simulators would be appreciated..

Re: Tools for 80C188 processor
Would an old DOS version of Turbo C be any good to you?  You can download TC
V2 for free from /

It has 8088 compiler and debugger but no simulator that I am aware of.

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Re: Tools for 80C188 processor
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 Although the 188 is similar to the 8086 family, it does include
some 286 instructions( besides the special registers ).
Still, most '86 disassemblers should work. I suspect that
the code, outside of the boot code, is normal '86 code. This
would mean that most any of the normal free disassemblers found
on the net should work.
 RE is a lot of work. Coding styles make it difficult to simply
feed code through a disassembler and come up with meaningful code.
It usually take many passes of refining code, tables and data.
Good luck

Re: Tools for 80C188 processor

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You might try looking for a used copy of the Paradigm 5.0 (I beleive)
toolset. It includes a compiler, assembler and remote debugger. It will
connect to your target 188 through a serial port after some fiddling with
installation of the driver for the serial port on the target. I found a copy
of Paradign 5.0 on the net for very little money. This tool includes a
derivative of the Borland C/C++ compiler and debugger. Be careful when you
buy, there is also another version of Paradigm made for a specific target
board, I forget its name. Make sure you don't buy that one, get the real
package targeted for ANY 188/186.

Good luck

Re: Tools for 80C188 processor
wise (Gwise) wrote in message
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Long ago, I wrote both a disassember and a simulator for the 80186 (actually,
I wrote them for the 8086, but the extra instructions for the 80186 were
very easy to add).  Both are now freely available, along with their source

The disassembler is CODEGEN, available at
It's limited to code that is either:
   1) code and data share a single 64K segment
   2) code and data each have their own 64K segment
so it may or may not be useful for your purpose, but give it a try.

The simulator is VIM, available at
It does not have limits on the memory models it can handle.

If you have problems with either program, send me some email.


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