Struggling to find development tools for Alpha Microelectronics Parts

I've been tasked to attempt to revise some firmware (I have the source, assembly code) for an AM8A series processor made by Alpha Microelectronics in Taiwan. To data I have yet to get an email response in regards to obtaining development tools for this processor. I understand that the part has been discontinued but they refuse to respond. They also will not allow me access to their download site.

Does anyone I might find an assembler for this part? Possibly there is an American distributor that I could contact, but I cannot seem to find one.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Thanks Jim Flanagan

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Jim Flanagan
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Is the part OTP or MASK? Do you have lifetime supply? How would you get additional parts, even with development tools? Sound like you should look for another lines of micro.

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If you have data sheets, writing an assembler (notably a Forth assembler) would not be out of the question. It can be more time efficient then bothering with commercial staff. On my site below, you can find some examples of reverse engineering assemblers that could take the task on even if the source of the firmware were lost.

Then -- as others have mentionned -- do you want to go on with a part with so little support?

Groetjes Albert
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Albert van der Horst

Ah, a toy micro. Don't ever expect better support than this.

Talk to the OEM/ODM that is building the old version. They will have the contact at the chip manufacturer, or distributor, who can get you the tools. But if the chip is obsolete, how do you expect to get more?

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