Tips for implementing the LSS service in CANOpen.

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I'm in the process of implementing the CANOpen LSS service and I've hit
a road block.  I had assumed that all nodes could be in configuration
mode when using the service "Identify Remote Slave (5.6.1 of LSS
spec)," but apperantly according to the LSS spec, "there must be only
one LSS slave at a time that communicates with the LSS master."

So if I'm an LSS Master and I don't know the nodes identification info
(vendor id, product code, rev number and serial number), how do I
assign the node a valid node id?  I was hoping to use the Identify
Remote Slave Service to search the CAN bus and identify who is out
there, but if only 1 node can be in configuration mode for that command
to work then I can't use that command.

How do I go about using the LSS services to implement an LSS Master?

Any help is apprecieated.


Re: Tips for implementing the LSS service in CANOpen.

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If a CANopen node supports the LSS services and has no node-id assigned yet
it stays in the configuration mode until the LSS master assigns an id to
it. There should be no problem for the search, besides it is time consuming
without any pre-assumptions. E.g. you should use for special devices of a
special manufacturer to assign this devices special node-id's. And even
than, which limit switch found is on the left, which one on the right side
of a machine?


with best regards / mit freundlichen Grüßen

   Heinz-Jürgen Oertel
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