Selection of 32bit cpu

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I'm in the process of evaluating a 32bit cpu.
The requirements are somewhat conflicting.
-The required tools should be useable after a rather short time,
  meaning I'm not too keen on debugging some open source tools first
-The tools should have a responsive support, a newsgroup is prefered,
  and a listserver accepted. Personal email and webbased one-to-one
  support is considered not fast enough.
-floatingpoint can be hardware or not, best when there is a choice
  between code compatible devices.
-DSP or microcontroller, is not decided yet
-Flash and RAM in the same chip are preferred.
-An emulator is not required
-Sourcelevel single stepping by JTAG welcome

I'm aware of :
Atmel's ARM
AD's    Blackfin, Sharc, Tigersharc, DSP
TI's    TMS series
Intel's iAPX386 compatible

though except the last haven't any experience in them
nor their tools.
Oh, I forgot, a few years ago, I had a project with a TI 320C62xx and
wasn't impressed at all by the code composer studio.

Did I forget something ?
I'll focus on the available tools, as they tend to decide the
useablility of a processor and have the most influence on the
development time of a project.

Recommendations ?

Ing.Buero R.Tschaggelar -
& commercial newsgroups -

Re: Selection of 32bit cpu
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If you go with an ARM processor, then you'll find that most large
compiler vendors like Green Hills support that.

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AT91FR40162 will have 2 MB Flash and 256 kB RAM in the same package.

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Ulf at atmel dot com
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