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I am trying to design a board including these features :
- 2 Fast Ethernet ports
- 2 Giga Ethernet ports
- 1 serial port
- PowerQuiCC 8260 as main cpu
- alim included
- Compact PCI or PCI bus

Performances are not critical

I am a newbie to electronics

Can somebody provide help?


Re: board architecture

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If you are a newbie to electronics then you should not be doing this.


Re: board architecture
When i say newbie this does not mean that i don't know nothing about it
I've already realized fpga based boards and some stuff related to HF
logic analyser, PIC, ... etc.

But for this kind of board i think that it's more complicated

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Re: board architecture

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This  is  probably  not  sufficient  experience  for  the  level   of
complexity you will see with a MPC82xx system.

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Right. Well, you can reduce the complexity a lot when you decide  not
to  design the complete system. For example, instead of designing and
manufacturing  all  the  complicated  and  sensible  parts  (MPC82xx,
clocks,  power, memory, ...) you could probably use a module which is
already includes all the critical  stuff  and  where  you  know  it's
working.  In  this  case  all you need to do is to design and build a
custom carrier board for the module.

For an example, please check ==> Hardware

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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Re: board architecture

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I strongly suspect you have a contradiction of goals here.  You cannot
seriously be needing 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, yet not be
performance-critical.  If performance is not critical, you don't need
gigabit ethernet.  And definitely not two of such, plus another two
100 MBit ports.

To put this into perspective, consider that a single gigabit Ethernet
port already has slightly more bandwidth than a normal (32-bit, 33MHz)
PCI bus shares among all connected devices.

Even a rather modern desktop PC isn't capable of saturating a single
Gigabit link, let alone two of them.  This is independent of the CPU
you invest.  The only way to do it is to have a _very_ recent
motherboard that has the gigabit MAC connected directly to the
northbridge rather than to some PCI port, or a server mainboard that
supports higher-bandwidth PCI busses (64-bit, 66MHz), or offers other
methods of connecting network hardware.

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (
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Re: board architecture
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I strongly suspect a troll here.
Next time, we'll see a "newbie in nuclear physics" willing to build
a nuclear power plant.

Maybe I'm just too paranoid. Who knows.

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