Renesas H8S JTAG Support

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I`m using a Renesas (formerly Hitachi) microcontroller type H8S/2329EF
which has a JTAG interface  for connection to the E10-A Emulator.

I was wondering if we coud use the JTAG port to perform standard JTAG
tests like testing for shorted tracks or pins. So far I haven't been
able to find any reference in the documentation nor in the web site.

Any one is using this JTAG port for testing?

Thanks in advance

Re: Renesas H8S JTAG Support
On 10 Oct 2003 01:40:21 -0700, (sergio)

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what you are looking for is boundary scan functionality.
The H8S/2329 debug port is only debug and no boundary scan.


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