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Are the ADRESH and the ADRESL registers writable in the PIC16F87x series? The documentation doesn't appear to say.


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Thomas Magma
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Hmm, DS30292B(the version of the spec I have) page 118 last sentence of section 11.4.1 "...(A/D disable) these registers can be used as two general purpose 8-bit registers." So it would appear you could if they are not being used for A/D conversion.

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see page 118 in the 16f877 datasheet

When an A/D result will not overwrite these locations (A/D disable), these registers may be used as two general purpose 8-bit registers.

Using a 16f877 or 16f877a ?


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Alex Gibson

PIC16F874A (44-TQFP)

"general purpose 8-bit registers" this is great!! This makes it a really easy engineering change order then. 2 lines of code to fix this one!

Thanks Thomas

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Thomas Magma

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