run uCOS-II FreeRTOS on your linuxbox

linuxval means linux virtual abstract layer. By this , people can port ucos-ii , freertos , etc. to linuxbox easily. In linuxval SingleThread version, all tasks use one thread together and tasks can switch in this thread by linux *context functions. RTOS can look at linux as a spcecial machine by linuxval. Now,linuxval can support task context switches and has a time interrupt. linuxval makes it more abstract and more modular when we port RTOS to linuxbox and all lowest function can be achieved by C language instead of ASM. So it is a good helper when you are studying or debuging a RTOS.

Now, i have port uCOS-II and FreeRTOS to linuxbox by linuxval and add some simple examples.

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Why not just run uCOS-II or FreeRTOS without the Linux?

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Chris Hills

He said for studying and debugging.

Also, you can simulate your embedded application on your PC with Linux, you don't need the real hardware and you can run some unit tests.

Of course you don't have the real timing nor the specific harware resources.

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