PWM 80C167

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Hi People,

i am new in programing 80c167 !
I want to create a pulse with the PWM Module
where i can set the frequence !
Is there any example to write this in Keil C ?
Has anyone experience with this ?



Re: PWM 80C167

have a look at the application notes at the Keil website ( and
If you are new to the C167 family I strongly reccomend to get the DaVE CD.

It allows to configure the C167 using a graphical environment and also
allows easy access to the topics in the huge manual of this processor.

The timer/CAPCOM Peripheral of the C167 is a rather complex beast. Be
prepared to do a lot of reading.

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Re: PWM 80C167 (Patrick) wrote in message
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Try out the application notes for the 80x167 or 80x164

Re: PWM 80C167
Take a look in the Keil C166 Getting Started book (GS166.PDF) on page 170.
There is an example for how to program the PWM on a C167 device.


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