Modbus 80C166

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Hi People,

i am new in programing Modbus an 80C166.
Are there any examples to integrate Modbus in 80C166 Mikrocontrollers  ?
I like to read information from a Micromotion flowmeter by Modbus !



Re: Modbus 80C166
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Hi Patrick,
Have a look at . The web site contains the
specification as well as links to some code snippets.
Modbus is a fairly simple protocol. It's the environment around it that
needs a bit more work in order to be easily integrated with the rest of the
system. Some form of database abstraction is useful to have (since basically
all modbus messages reads and writes to specific addresses in a "database").
An SQL database would of course be overkill (especially in a
resource-constraint embedded system) but something simpler will make the
work much easier.
There are also a TCP version of the protocol, that basically encapsulate the
modbus messages in a TCP data stream. Very simple and easy to implement!

If you are interested in a commercial solution, our company have a working
program package that implements the protocol. It has been used in a custom
project, in an industrial application.

I hope the link above is of any use!
//Anders Rosvall

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