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I have a question. Who have realized a project with this IC, esp. with the
analog block?

I've seen many applications( ) - but are these all
only marketing projects?

Thanks in advance!

Re: PSoC from Cypress

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A friend of mine got the PSOC kit for one of his students, and I spent a
couple of days playing with it, I was quite impressed. We were using it
for analogue and digital processing.


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Email: aqzf13 at dsl dot pipex dot com
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Re: PSoC from Cypress
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The only problem that I'm aware of is the 24Mhz alignment error on the
cy8c26xxx parts which never happens anymore because the linker takes care of
detecting and correcting it. I've personally never had any problems,

Re: PSoC from Cypress
Hello Robert!

Last week I was in Germany on a Cypress PSoC-Seminar. These seminar I've
seen as a "key-account-seminar" and my impression was not the best. I've ask
my distributors for firms which use these ICs, but the answer was no.

It could be, that in the US the PSoC's are very popular, but not in Germany.
So you should understand these question. I will use the PSoC in an
application, but I don't want to be the "first one" to fix some bugs in
these system. But I give PSoC a chance.

Greetings from Germany!
Ralf Neuber

Re: PSoC from Cypress

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Hi Gary,
The process to become a CyPros consultant is explained there : I think the best way is to start
by being well known by a couple of Cypress's FAEs... In my case I started by
participating in (and winning...) a PSoc design contest sponsored by
CYpress, that helped a lot ! Hurry up, there is another PSoc contest right

Friendly & best wishes,

Robert Lacoste - ALCIOM : The mixed signals experts

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