Problems with openwrt website?

Am I the only one, who experiences the problems with the site?

A few days ago I have tried to log from another machine than usual, and because I didn't remember my password I tried to regenerate it with the "Forgotten your password?" option.

However, when I entered my e-mail, and clicked "Submit", my browser displayed two contradictory messages: In the presented www page there was "An e-mail has been sent to the specified address with instructions on how to change your password. If it does not arrive you can contact the forum administrator at"

But at the top there was another warning: "Warning: mail() has been disabled for security reasons in /var/www/openwrt/forum/include/email.php on line 93"

The password has not arrived to me, so probably the warning was true. However the system has created a new password, so I'm not able to log into the forum any more, even from my usual machine. Neither I was able to contact the administrator via e-mail.

I'm posting this message here, because I suppose, that many OpenWRT users may read comp.arch.fpga as well (both are tightly ralated to embedded systems). Maybe only I'm experiencing this problem due to browser incompatibilies? If this is a common problem, maybe someone who still has access to the forum, could notify the admins about the problem?

Sorry for slightly OT post, and thank you in advance,
Regards, WZab
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