Problem with Mcore 2114 flash programming or ???

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Tools : CodeWarrior V2.5 for MCORE and BDI1000 ABATRON

It's my second project on MCORE 2114 ; on my first project, CodeWarrior
generate aprox. 8 Kb of object code ( rom ) : flash programming and soft
running OK.
On my second project, CodeWarrior generate aprox. 9 Kb ( 9758 bytes ) of
object code : flash programming it's OK, but software doesn't run : abort on
exception 8. This software work fine in internal RAM of MCORE.
When I reduce size of object code to 8740 bytes ( for example ), soft
running OK !

Where is my problem ? in source code ? flash programming ? tools bugs ?
Metrowerks support do not give me any answer at this time ....

Help me please


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