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Hi all,
My name is Federico Herrera and I'm from Argentina. I'm developing a
project using the MMC 2001 from Motorola and I have some problems whit
its functionallity. I'm using to debugging the Metrowerks Codewarrior
for MCORE 2.0 and I have some problems. I have debugging the project
with the TRK from the RAM whit the UART 0 port of the Mcore but when I
have implemented interrupts and I run the debug, the program doesn't
run, and we cant stop it. The problem is that the Codewarrior uses
interrupts to debug the project and doesn't allow to my program uses
it, even I can't change some registers that I need to change for make
my project run. So I contacted some people and they told me that I
must run program from the flash, but I don't know how to do it.
I've readed MetroTRK_Reference document. It says that I must "share"
the interrupt vector table between the TRK exception handler and my
own interrupt handler, but it doesn't explain how to do it.In that
document, says next:

"You can customize exception handling for M"Core; your target
application can handle any exception. However, the M"Core version of
MetroTRK must receive all Breakpoint and Trace exceptions. Therefore,
after handling a Breakpoint or Trace exception, the interrupt handler
in your target application must call the MetroTRK exception handling
code so that MetroTRK also can handle the exception. (This is called
sharing the exception.)"

How can I do that? In which function of the TRK does reside the
exception-handling code? How call it from my target application?

The TRK uses the InterruptHandler() function to manages the interrupts
and that function is at address 0x2d002160 in the flash. I have done
next to Share interrupts but it hasn't worked: I've modified the
interrupthandler() function by adding the address of my interrupt
routine service to it but, I don't know why, it hasn't worked; the
program stop run and I can't manage it.
I've intented to manage interrupts setting in the vector table
addres's fast interrupt (0x30009002c) the address of my own interrupt
routine service but when I'm debugging the program always jump to that
routine and stop run because, traces and breakpoint uses fast
interrupts too.
Can anybody help me with my problem?

I apreciatte your help and I thank you a lot.

Best Regards,

Federico Herrera.

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Link it for flash and use the MCoreFlasher from Motorola to get it
into the flash. Depending on the eval board it is a bit tricky but not
to complicated. Be sure you did read _all_ documentation.
(There even should be some flash examples comming with CW.)

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Just copy those vectors into your vector table. This should do the

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