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What is your opinion of the motorola MCORE future?  Are they likely to
continue developing it or is it going to go the way of the 68000?
By the way, how different are the two chips? 68000 vs MCORE as far as
instruction set and architecture is concerned?

Re: MMC2001 MCORE ? says...
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Our Mot rep indicated that the MCore has about 7 years until EOL.
There's been a lot of consolidation in the semiconductor
products sector, and they can't support continued development
of MCore.  ColdFire is being pushed hard to take the 68K
sockets, PowerPC at the high end, and the ARM-based MX will
fill the low-power niche that belonged to MCore.

Personally, I hope the rep is wrong.

That said, MCore is a clean-sheet RISC design, not the
kitchen sink CISC of 68K.  MCore interrupt handling
is clean and flexible.  Note that that fully vectored
interrupts are not available on the 2001.  You have to use
the 210 core (2107/2114).


Re: MMC2001 MCORE ?

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I heard at a Motorola seminar, that MCore will die. No new products
after the 2114.
And seeing an application note on the differences betweed CF5282 and
MCore 2114 I think it is true.

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Re: MMC2001 MCORE ?

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Yeah, the Motorola app note AN2393 "Migrating from the MMC2114 to the
MCF5282" is a bit telling, I'd say.  That doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy
feeling about MCORE.

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