PowerPC vs. TI DSP vs. IA32 vs. MIPS vs. H8 ...

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Hi All,

I need to select a platform for a control project. I need suggestions from
your guys. Here is the some requirements for the project:

1) Programming in c
2) Two channels of AD > 12bit
3) Two or more quadrature decoders (single ended)
4) > 1 channel of PWM output
5) floating point performance ~ 500MHZ  P3
6) Small, reliable and takes only 12V power supply
7) ~32MB DRAM (I really don't know how much my program will require, how to
estimate this?)
8) ~32MB FLASH
prefer also a VGA display for a color flat panel display. Multimedia Card
(or compact flash) interface.

Thanks in advance.


Re: PowerPC vs. TI DSP vs. IA32 vs. MIPS vs. H8 ...
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For a control system? Sounds way bigger than most things I have seen...

Look for the device set first, then select the actual chip/board.

Re: PowerPC vs. TI DSP vs. IA32 vs. MIPS vs. H8 ...
Take this as a friendly recommendation, not an insult, please!
Use an industrial PC and plug in I/O cards. Your control project
sounds like one (or very few) of a kind. The embedded architectures
you list might be able to fullfil you perfoemance needs but the best
I/O you will find on much slower processors than what you are looking
for. As an example, the C167CS form Infineon could be used for most of
your I/O needs but it iss about a factor 100 or more away from your
floating point performance requirements. Also your memory requirements
are quite significant. Do yourself a favor and select something that
is easy to program.

Cheers, Schwob

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