How to link to a library with Code Composer/ DSB/BIOS?

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I have gotten a whole bunch of code to work with Texas Instruments DSP/BIOS,
compiled with Code Composer.  Presently my code forms a complete piece of
firmware, as a single application, that just supports FireWire I/O and nothing

But what I want to do is to package my code as a library for use by my client.
I don't want him to have to included my dozens of source files in his project.
I'd like to give him a project that builds a library, and then have him include
the library in his main project, which does a lot of other stuff.

I've been able to build a library, and I've been able to add a library to a
small project that serves as a test harness.  However, none of the library
functions that my test harness calls resolve in the link.

I think the way to fix this is to use a linker commmand (.cmd) file, but I can't
find much documentation on how to write them.  No where in the TI documentation
can I find any information on using libraries you build yourself.

Here's my first attempt at a .cmd file:


Somewhere I saw that the first thing one must have in a custom linker command
file is "-lfoo.cmd", where foo.cmd is the linker command file that's
automatically generated from the .cdb configuration file.  I have to spell out
the pathnames or else code composer can't find the files.

However, although this .cmd file appears to parse correctly, it doesn't make any
of my functions resolve.

Thanks for any tips you can give me.

Mike Crawford
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