Pic thermometer with LCD and several DS1820's ?

Hi all.

I'm looking for a code for a PIC (16F84 etc), which would show temperatures of several DS1820 family sensor temperatures on a LCD screen simultaneously.

Knowing next to nothing about coding, I can not modify any existing codes which I found from the web to do my job.

Thanks in advance,

Erik lakki at iki dot FI

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Erik Finskas
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I suggest you start learning. That's what things like MPLAB are for. Pre-existing coding is highly unlikely to fit without changes, because hardware configurations vary.

Or you can hire a consultant. Much more expensive.

Chuck F (cbfalconer@yahoo.com) (cbfalconer@worldnet.att.net)
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if you mail me your requirements, i can possibly give you something, for a couple of dollars ...

the stuff that i've already got you wont be able to use in your design without modifying.


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IIRC he made something like this with one of our boards PIC-MT

Best regards Tsvetan

PCB prototypes for $26 at http://run.to/pcb(http://www.olimex.com/pcb)
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Tsvetan Usunov

I second Tsvetan's recommendation. Check

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The code you find there will show you how to communicate with a DS1820 and write to an LCD. If you want to communciate with multiple sensors on a 1-wire bus you will want to get DalSemi's PDF about the process of interrogating the bus for multiple devices. I did a 2-sensor thermo (indoor/ outdoor) after studying those sources.

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