uC measure voltage/current?

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I've got a PIC16F877A in a project of mine and want to be able to measure
the power usage of a device that it's driving. I thought that since the 877
has a few ADC's I could use them to sample the Voltage and Current.

Has any one done this before and could offer some pointers or ideas?

The Voltage can be from 0-12v PWM and the current can be up to 15 Amps.



Re: uC measure voltage/current?
If you don't need to be very accurate and
you need only a single range then it should
be very easy to do -- just as you said,
periodically take a sample.   And if you want
to measure current, for simplicity, you probably
want to measure the voltage drop over a piece
of wire of about 0.1 ohm.

I've once built something similar out of SSI
parts (8 bit ADCs, 8051, 32k SRAM, LCD,
glue logic) and it wasn't very difficult.

Now, if you need something accurate with auto
ranging, then it becomes a lot more complicated.

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Re: uC measure voltage/current?

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Thanks.. I've been looking in to using Hall Effect devices. They seem
like the go for this sort of thing and seem to be quite stable.


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